The Giant Tortoise will roam in the Growing Wild precinct.

Growing Wild is Melbourne Zoo’s newest educational precinct, aiming to foster early connections between children and wild places.

Project Cost: $3.3 million (Phase 1)
Total Raised: $687,000
Remaining: $2.6 million

Solely devoted to nurturing a love of nature in children aged 3 to 8 and their families, Growing Wild will provide a space to come face-to-face and have a tactile experience with animals in three zones – grounds, trees and water.

Zoos Victoria is the state’s second largest educator outside the classroom. Our visitor objective is to provide innovative wildlife-based learning experiences that inspire and facilitate visitors to take conservation actions that make measurable and positive difference. The implementation of Growing Wild will represent a leap forward in making Melbourne Zoo a contemporary and iconic visitor and educational destination.

The space to create Growing Wild is a result of the new Baboon Lookout, moving the Baboons into a purpose built exhibit and out of their dated enclosure. Growing Wild Phase 1 will be completed in September 2012, in time for Melbourne Zoo’s 150th Anniversary celebrations.

Key Project Benefits: Close encounters with animals, interactive education, discovery and play, story-telling and performance space and investing in future generations.

How to help


  • The Ian Potter Foundation
  • The Bowness Family Foundation
  • Collier Charitable Fund
  • The Trust Company