Reproduction: Strategies for Success

Reproduction: Strategies for Success invites students to explore the mechanisms and systems of reproduction and the major contributions that specialised breeding programs contribute to helping save endangered species.

Students will be challenged to consider the unique nature of marsupial and monotreme reproduction which makes our mammals so special and investigate some of the amazing reproductive processes of Australian animals and find out how Healesville Sanctuary is breeding endangered species in captivity.

Learning Outcomes

This program can be used to meet the requirements of the School Assessed Coursework (SAC) and addresses the area of study and outcomes in:

  • VCE Biology Unit 1, with emphasis on the mechanisms and systems of reproduction
  • VCE Biology Unit 2, with emphasis on reproductive adaptations, systems and strategies

Zoos Victoria Education aligns with best practice learning strategies for VCE Biology and has a strong focus on collaborative learning and developing inquiry skills.

Our educational experiences cater for students of all learning needs. Multi-sensory and common language is available to EAL and non-verbal students.

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