Reproduction introduces VCE students to the reproductive diversity of multicellular organisms including methods of sexual and asexual reproductions. Encounters with mammals will enable to students to explore the various adaptations that allow monotremes, marsupials and eutherians to successfully reproduce.

Students will investigate the reproductive strategies of endangered species, particularly the orang-utan and learn how these strategies guide Zoos Victoria’s captive breeding programs. They will also be presented with the opportunity to explore the differences between oviparous and ovoviviparous reptiles.

Learning Outcomes

This program can be used to meet the requirements of the School Assessed Coursework (SAC) and addresses the area of study and outcomes in:

  • VCE Biology Unit 1: Unity and diversity (Area of Study 2: Functioning organisms)

Zoos Victoria Education aligns with best practice teaching and learning strategies for VCE Biology and has a strong focus on collaborative learning and developing inquiry skills.

Our educational experiences cater for students of all learning needs.

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