Wild Explorers

Students from F-2 can become Wild Explorers for the day, investigating the wonders of wildlife through the rich, sensory environment of Melbourne Zoo. The sights, sounds and immersive environment of the zoo will enhance and awaken a sense of care, wonder and curiosity towards animals as children learn to unlock ‘animal secrets’. 

Centered on the theme of ‘what makes animals special?’, Wild Explorers discover and learn about animals through play-based learning, intentional teaching, educator-led experiences and inquiry-based activities located at key locations around the zoo. 

During educator-led experiences, children are encouraged to look up, look down, look all around, becoming aware of wildlife whilst exploring our purpose built Early Childhood precinct, Growing Wild.

Inquiry-based activities are located at key points around the zoo; these ‘boxes of secrets’ are especially designed to support teachers, carers and parent helpers to extend children’s learning throughout their day at the zoo and are for the exclusive use of Wild Explorers participants. 

A fun-filled, rich and multi-sensory program, Wild Explorers will encourage your students to emotionally connect with, care about, respect and discover what makes animals special.   

Through consultation with our Education staff prior to your visit, Wild Explorers will be tailored to suit the curriculum requirements of your class.

Wild Explorers provides:

  • Play-based learning and intentional teaching through an engaging educator-led experience in our purpose built Early Childhood precinct, Growing Wild

  • Inquiry-based activities or ‘boxes of secrets’ at key locations around the zoo

  • The opportunity for social and emotional learning through meeting a special zoo animal

Learning Outcomes:

This program addresses:

AusVELS levels F-2 in the domains of science, interpersonal development, English and the humanities (history and geography)

Program Themes

This program can be delivered to suit the following themes. Please inform our booking officer of your area of study when booking your school visit.






Survival Needs

Living and non-living

Nature Play



Endangered species

Play-based learning


Zoos Victoria Education aligns with best practice teaching and learning strategies for Early Childhood and Early Years and has a strong focus on real life, self-directed and authentic learning.

All zoo educators are qualified teachers. Our educational experiences cater for students of all learning needs.

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