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A new perspective on learning is coming...

From 2015 we’re enhancing the educational opportunities our zoos provide all Victorian schools, helping students and their teachers explore the zoo like they never have before, getting the chance to develop connections with the world’s wildlife and to feel inspired to care and protect them.

The revitalised journey combines the incredible setting of our zoos with inquiry-based learning elements and access to some of the world’s leading industry experts, giving students across all levels the opportunity to take away strengthened curriculum outcomes for VEYLDF, AusVELS and VCE Study Designs.

The exciting new learning experience will also provide the opportunity to create a zoo-based education community of Victorian schools, students and teachers beginning before students visit our zoos and continuing long after they have left.

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Tasmanian Devil aggression

Amazing Australian animals

Healesville Sanctuary
Zoo educator led
Year 5 – Year 8

Explore the diversity of Australian wildlife through up-close encounters with animals in their natural environment.

Motaba web620

An African experience

Werribee Open Range Zoo
Zoo educator led
Year 7 – 10

Delve into the heart of one of Africa’s most serious and complex environmental issues – wildlife and human conflict!

Act Wild for Tassie Devils

Aussie creature features

Healesville Sanctuary
Zoo educator led
Foundation – Year 4

We live on an island continent where our animals have evolved in remarkable ways. Get up close and personal with some of our Aussie creatures and explore their features, habitats and life cycles.

Mountain Pygmy Possum

Australian endangered species

Healesville Sanctuary
Zoo educator led
Year 5 – Year 10

We can all fight the extinction of local wildlife by taking simple actions in our lives.

Leadbeater's Possum in a hand

Captive Breeding

Healesville Sanctuary
Zoo educator led
VCE Environmental Science

Explore the concept of biodiversity and its role in sustaining ecological integrity and the survival of populations using Leadbeater's Possum as a case study.

Classified Information

Classy Adaptations

Melbourne Zoo
Zoo educator led
Year 5 - Year 8

Classification is always intriguing, especially when you're dealing with such a diverse range of animals from all around the world!

Careers with animals

Conservation Careers at the Zoo – Student Conference

Melbourne Zoo
Student Conference
Year 9 - Year 11

Are you passionate about animals and the environment? Come and see what it takes to work at the zoo and be a real life extinction fighter!

Cairns Birdwing Butterfly

Cycles of life

Melbourne Zoo
Zoo educator led
Foundation – Year 4

From birth to adulthood all animals have a life cycle, but are they all the same?

Wurrundjeri way

Dreaming the Indigenous way

Healesville Sanctuary
Zoo educator led
Years 5 –10

Explore the deep connection that the Wurundjeri people have with animals and the land.

Nature trail

Dynamic ecosystems

Healesville Sanctuary
Zoo educator led
VCE Biology

Ecosystems are vital communities where plants, animals and other organisms are all connected in a delicate balance.