Ecosystems are vital communities where plants, animals and other organisms are all connected in a delicate balance

Undertaking fieldwork, students record first hand data related to ecosystems and the relationships between living things that exist within them. Three different vegetation communities are explored.

Students use a range of techniques while searching for evidence of animals and plants of the Coranderrk bushland. Under the guidance of a zoo educator they will set up quadrats in the field, complete transects and sharpen their field data skills. Biotic and abiotic factors are researched in a riparian, floodplain and ridge-top community, revealing how the altering of any single factor impacts upon the ecosystem as a whole.

Pre visit: Complete pre visit research questions.

Post visit: Complete post visit research questions based on collected data.

This program can be used to meet the requirements of the School Assessed Coursework (SAC) for Outcome 2 (Field Investigation). It addresses the key knowledge and skills related to VCE Biology Unit 2: Area of Study 1: Adaptations of Organisms.

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90 minutes
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1 adult to 10 students
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