Discover the diversity and uniqueness of Australian wildlife

Zoos Victoria is dedicated to fighting extinction. We hope to inspire students to join us by providing opportunities to meet our animals up close and make lasting connections with our unique wildlife. This flexible session allows you to choose a focus:

  • Classification
  • Adaptations
  • Wildlife care at our Australian Wildlife Health Centre

Students explore the physical features of a variety of Australian animals, discover how their amazing adaptations help them to survive, and learn how to apply scientific classification techniques. Their zoo educator will share with them how Healesville Sanctuary is protecting our animals, and also what the students can do to promote conservation in Australia.

Pre and Post visit activities:

Amazing Australian Animals addresses AusVELS levels 5-8 standards.  It supports the cross-curriculum priorities of Sustainability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures and addresses achievements in the domains of Science, Interpersonal Development, Personal Learning, Civics and Citiznship, English, Humanities, Communication and Thinking Process.



Program details

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45 minutes
$16.10 per student
Student ratio 
1 adult to 10 students
By appointment