Day-to-day activities in cities and towns can tip the balance in the wetlands our animals call home

Let’s go ponding! Students explore the natural waterways where frogs, turtles, platypus and many other animals live, and discover how they can be active in protecting and improving the health of local wetlands.

In this interactive program, students are encouraged to get mucky while out ponding, investigating the wetlands habitat under the guidance of a Zoo educator. Here, they will collect various water bugs and look closely at them under a magnifying glass. Then, back at the Discovery Centre, students can get up close to larger animals such as frogs and reptiles that choose to live in wetlands.

Wetlands and Waterways addresses AusVELS levels F-4 standards.  It supports the cross-curriculum priorities of Sustainability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures and addresses achievements in the domains of Science, Interpersonal Development, Personal Learning, Civics and Citizenship, English, Humanities and Thinking Processes.


Program details

Prep – Year 4
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90 minutes
$18.10 per student
Student ratio 
1 adult to 5 students up to Year 2, 1 adult to 10 students for Year 3 and 4
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