Global amphibian crisis

With one third of all amphibian species facing the threat of extinction, World Zoos and Aquaria have declared a Global Amphibian Crisis.

Students with a passion for nature are invited to address this crisis by participating in a full day of froggy exploration.

Teams of delegates will learn the field techniques used to collect information about these intriguing amphibians including frog spotting and identification, habitat assessment and water quality testing. These skills will be applied in the field to collect data on one of our local Endangered species, the Growling Grass Frog (Litoria raniformis).

Based on their findings and data already collected by the Zoo's Growling Grass Frog Research Team, delegates will then suggest action for the conservation of the Growling Grass Frog on a local and national level and take away skills and knowledge to take action for their own local frog species.