A deeper understanding of the human mind and behaviour can occur through the study of other social primates - but at what cost?

Melbourne Zoo’s pedagogy aligns with best practice approaches for VCE Biology and has a strong focus on collaborative learning and developing inquiry skills. Students consider the findings of classic animal research that has contributed to the contemporary understandings in psychology and led to the current practices for ethical care and treatment of animals in research. Students will be involved in an ethical discussion about a Zoo-based case study as members of an Animal Ethics Committee (AEC).

Students will observe the behaviour of a social primate species and collect and record qualitative and quantitative data for further analysis back at school.  

The Mere Monkeys learning program is designed to address the area of study and outcomes in VCE Psychology Unit 1: Introduction to psychology - Area of Study 2: Lifespan psychology/Unit 2: Self and others – Area of Study 1: Interpersonal and group behaviour.

This program can be used to meet the requirements of the School Assessed Coursework (SAC).

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