Tiger Tales VCE Genetics Conference

Two of Parkville’s most respected providers of educational programs for VCE Biology students, Melbourne Zoo and GTAC, have combined their resources to present a full day student conference.  Tiger Tales offers VCE students a unique opportunity to be immersed in Unit 4 Biology content through the context of Tigers.  The program examines the concept of a species and students explore the use of various techniques in the determination of evolutionary relationships between tiger subspecies.

The material presented is suitable as a basis for the SAC in Area of Study 2, Unit 4 VCE Biology.

Program Components

In the field: Melbourne Zoo

Students will examine population genetic concepts including bottlenecks, genetic drift, genetic diversity and founder effect on wild and captive breeding populations.  They will be challenged to consider the impact of these effects in the management and conservation of endangered subspecies.

In the laboratory: GTAC

Using wet lab tasks and bioinformatics tools, students explore how molecular homology is used to distinguish between sub species of tigers.

Travel between venues: Sufficient time is provided for travel between the two venues.  Options include walking (30 minutes), taking a tram down Royal Parade or using transport provided by your school.