What makes a great leader? What can we learn about leadership from animals?

Melbourne Zoo’s pedagogy aligns with best practice and approaches for Later Years and has a strong focus on real life, self directed and authentic learning. The Youth leadership program explores what is means to be a leader and allows students the opportunity to research and collaborate with peers, drawing links between the parallels of leadership styles, social structures and personalities of humans and animals. A thought-provoking debate is carried out to prompt students to determine if indeed leadership is learned, innate or a combination of both.

Students will consider their own leadership style and will be encouraged to make informed choices about taking civic action and becoming an effective leader in conservation.

The Youth leadership learning program addresses AusVELS levels 9-10 standards.  It supports the cross-curriculum priorities of Sustainability and addresses achievements in the domains of Science, Interpersonal Development, Personal Learning, Civics and Citizenship, English, Humanities, Communication and Thinking Processes.

Program details

Year 9 and Year 10
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3 hours
Student ratio 
1 adult to 10 students
By appointment