An African experience

Delve into the heart of one of Africa’s most serious and complex environmental issues – wildlife and human conflict!

An African experience encourages students to walk in someone else’s shoes for a day to gain an insight into the harsh realities of surviving alongside wildlife in Africa.  Students are presented with an international environmental and cultural challenge that will have them caught up in a lively discussion about the role all of us as consumers have to play in the loss of wildlife on a global scale. Using their newfound awareness students determine how they can take actual conservation action for African wildlife and their habitats.

Pre visit

  1. Check out and register as a new user.
  2. Watch the short video (top of page) about how to help wild Gorillas

Post visit

  1. Create your own video mashup about how recycling mobile phones helps Gorillas in Africa. Then share your video with the world!

An African Experience addresses AusVELS levels 7-10 standards.  It supports the cross-curriculum priorities of Sustainability and addresses achievements in the domains of Science, Interpersonal Development, Personal Learning, Civics and Citizenship, English, Humanities, Communication and Thinking Processes.