Herbivores, carnivores and constrictor jaws

Animals of the savanna have a range of amazing adaptations that help them to obtain and digest food and avoid being eaten. 

Diet, dentition and digestion in animals are the focus of Herbivores, carnivores and constrictor jaws

Examining teeth is an effective method of understanding the dietary requirements of animals. Students will apply their ideas about adaptations to do with food by observing an animal up close. Students will also have an opportunity to  examine a variety of unique skulls and scats in a session that unravels the importance of the diversity of what animals eat, methods of digestion and how they may avoid being eaten themselves along with the discovery of what comes out the other end!

On completion of the student trail students can write up a summary report that can be assessed for the School Assessed Coursework (SAC) for Outcome 2 (practical activity) VCE Biology Unit 1.