How would you like to look after some of the world’s most awesome, and demanding, animals?

This program introduces students to the workings of an Open Range Zoo and the daily tasks of a Zoo keeper. What is involved in managing the care of such incredible animals?

Students meet animals up-close and learn about their diet, their enclosure requirements, and daily activities. Students will also get an opportunity to take on the role of 'Mini keepers', planning enrichment activities for the zoo animals to help keep them mentally and physically active within their enclosures and reflect how they would spend their time in the wild and perhaps think about how  they could keep their pets active at home.

Keep Active addresses AusVELS levels F-6 standards.  It supports the cross-curriculum priorities of Sustainability and addresses achievements in the domains of Science, Interpersonal Development, Personal Learning, Civics and Citizenship, English, Humanities, Communication and Thinking Processes.


Program details

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Foundation – Year 6
45 minute class & 40 minute safari bus tour*
$16.10 per student
10:00am, 10:50am, 11:40am,12:30pm
Student ratio 
1 adult to 5 students up to grade 2; 1 adult to 10 students grades 3 to 6
Monday to Friday
What to bring 
Bring Your Own Digital Device

Please call (03) 9731 9601
More information for planning your school visit

* Please be at the safari bus shelter 10 minutes prior to departure. Times can't be rescheduled on the day.