OpenMi Excursions

Open Mi  Excursions and Tours

OpenMi Excursions was developed by Australian Communication Exchange in partnership with the Victorian Deaf Education Institute and Werribee Open Range Zoo to create accessible learning for Deaf and hard of hearing students.

OpenMi Excursions is a smartphone application that offers interactive and accessible learning through captions and Australian Sign Language. The app has been designed to be used around the Pula Reserve Trail via Quick Response codes (QR code). Teachers are able to facilitate the excursion at the Zoo using a smartphone device to enable interaction between the student and teacher’s tablet. Students can read information, answer questions and quizzes and teachers can track their progress.  The app has been designed to be used around the Pula Reserve Trail and on Safari via Quick Response codes (QR code).

Pre visit preparation for teachers

To make the most of your experience using Open Mi Excursion at Werribee Open Range Zoo we recommend that you prepare students for the content that is available through the app by viewing it prior to your visit.

To find out how to download the Open Mi app go to Download our apps. After the app is downloaded you need to also download the Werribee Open Range Zoo content – go to “Download Content” and search for Werribee Open Range Zoo and download either secondary or primary content as required. As the files are large it is recommended to download via Wi-Fi.

Go to scan mode and scan in the QR codes that are on the Open Mi Student Trail attached below.

We recommend that you select key species to focus your day on rather than try to cover all species.

How it works at the Zoo

1.    A set of 6 phones plus a Teacher device with the OpenMi Excursions app are available for loan from the ticket office. Please note that for security purposes you will be required to leave a form of ID (for example drivers license)
3.    Link the Teacher device to the Student devices. Students enter ‘scan mode’ ready to scan QR codes at each enclosure around the Pula Reserve Trail. QR codes can be scanned from the exhibit or from the Open Mi trail you download for students. Please note that most QR codes are placed on the right hand side of any glass viewing window or left hand side of exhibit interpretative signage
4.    On the safari bus tour you will need to use the Open Mi Trail attached below.

For further information visit: OpenMi Excursions