Herbivores and Carnivores challenges VCE students to apply their ideas about physical and behavioural adaptations to do with food and examine a variety of skulls and scats to unravel the importance of the diversity of what animals eat, methods of digestion and how they may avoid being eaten themselves.

Students will observe animals up close and consider how examining teeth can be an effective method of understanding the dietary requirements of animals.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the program students can write a summary report for the School Assessed Coursework (SAC) for VCE Biology Unit 1: Outcome 2.

Zoos Victoria Education aligns with best practice teaching and learning strategies for VCE Biology and has a strong focus on collaborative learning and developing inquiry skills.

Our educational experiences cater for students of all learning needs.

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Program details

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Year level 
Year 11
40 minutes plus a 40 minute safari bus tour
$16.60 per student
Student ratio 
1 adult for every 10 students
Monday to Friday (during the school term)
What to bring 
Printed Student Notes (below) and digital learning device (optional)

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Phone 1300 966 784 (select option 3)