Act for wildlife

Community Conservation Master Plan

The Community Conservation Master Plan is here!

Zoos Victoria has released its Community Conservation Master Plan to help Victorians be the most wildlife friendly state by 2020.

  • Beads for Wildlife

    Give a beautiful beaded gift that helps people and wildlife!

  • They're Calling on You

    Gorillas are on the brink of extinction. You can help save gorillas in Africa simply by donating your mobile phone!

  • Wipe for Wildlife

    There are two different types of Australians. Tree flushers and those of us that wipe for wildlife! Which group do you belong to?

  • love your locals

    Love your Locals

    It isn't hard to fight extinction and save wildlife. You can declare your love for local animals

  • Don't Palm Us Off

    You can help save wild orang-utans. Speak up for 100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil now!

  • Seal the Loop

    Melbourne Zoo is working to reduce marine wildlife entanglements by placing bins made from recycled plastic waste into Victorian fishing locations.