It's 2015 and this is the year that Australian food manufacturers have committed to making the switch to Certified Sustainable Palm Oil. Make sure they deliver on their commitment. 

You can uncover the truth about palm oil in your favourite brands and help save wild orang-utans.

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Orang-utans are facing extinction due to the unsustainable production of palm oil, an ingredient in around half of all supermarket products.

Help fight for a future where all palm oil in Australian supermarkets is clearly labelled and is only 100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) - produced in a way that protects the last remaining habitat for wildlife and preserve the livelihoods of producers.


How can I help? 

Email manufacturers for your right to choose 100% sustainably produced palm oil

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Together we can improve animal care, reduce threatening processes and save endangered species.

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The Sumatran Tiger is critically endangered with around 240 remaining in the wild. Despite hunting being illegal, tigers continue to be killed by poachers. You can help us fight extinction by adopting the Sumatran Tiger.

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