You can really help protect gorillas from the brink of extinction by collecting old mobile phones at your school or workplace. 

Step 1

 Simply fill out the form below to register and Zoos Victoria will send you a collection drive kit.  

Step 2

Create a They're Calling on You collection drive box in a prominent and secure location at your school or workplace.

Step 3

Promote your They're Calling on You collection drive. You can repeat the drive every year or whenever you notice people upgrading to the latest generation of mobile phone. Download and email or print out and display as many of the They're Calling on You A4 posters as you can.

Step 4

Once you have collected 16 phones or more you are eligible for a free courier pick from our partners Aussie Recycling Program. Details will be in your pack.


Thank you for your passionate participation in the They're Calling on You campaign. Good luck with your mobile phone collection drive.

Does your organisation identify itself as an educational institution?

If yes – please call Aussie Recycling Program on (03) 9532 1237 for immediate free of charge pick up. Please ensure all boxes are correctly labelled to: ARP - Factory 29, 260 Wickham Rd, Highett, VIC 3190.

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