You can help protect local wildlife. Make the switch to toilet paper made from recycled paper today!

Make your school or workplace a Wipe for Wildlife zone. It's easy and no one will notice, except for the wombats.

Regular toilet paper is made from virgin fibers, whereas recycled toilet paper is from 100% post consumer waste (textbooks and office paper). Recycled toilet paper keeps trees in the ground to absorb emissions created from other daily human activities.

All trees have an ecological value, some provide habitat for wildlife,they protect soil from erosion and they keep our air clean. Our environment is healthier with trees in the ground rather than down the toilet.

Recycled toilet paper is as silky as regular toilet paper, make the switch today and see if your family notices the difference.


How can I help? 

If you're a tree flusher it's not too late. Switch to toilet paper made from recycled paper and help save wildlife!

Look for toilet paper that:

  • Is made from 100% post-consumer paper
  • Contains no harsh chemicals


You can help Fight

Together we can improve animal care, reduce threatening processes and save endangered species.

Spread the word

Tell your friends and family about wiping for wildlife!

Spread the word about the importance of using recycled toilet paper to ensure a healthier environment for local wildlife.