Act for wildlife

Don't Palm Us Off

Don't Palm Us Off

You can help save wild orang-utans. This is the year to demand clearly labelled palm oil.

  • Beads for Wildlife

    Give a beautiful beaded gift that helps people and wildlife!

  • They're Calling on You

    Gorillas are on the brink of extinction. You can help save gorillas in Africa simply by donating your mobile phone!

  • Wipe for Wildlife

    There are two different types of Australians. Tree flushers and those of us that wipe for wildlife! Which group do you belong to?

  • love your locals

    Love your Locals

    It isn't hard to fight extinction and save wildlife. You can declare your love for local animals

  • Seal the Loop

    Melbourne Zoo is working to reduce marine wildlife entanglements by placing bins made from recycled plastic waste into Victorian fishing locations.

  • Community Conservation Master Plan

    Community Conservation Master Plan

    Zoos Victoria has released its Community Conservation Master Plan to help Victorians be the most wildlife friendly state by 2020.