Australian Wildlife Health Centre Appeal

Australian Wildlife Health Centre Appeal

Tinsel's story of survival

Tinsel is a six-month-old orphaned wombat. Before Christmas last year her mum was hit by a car. At the time of the incident Tinsel was just a baby, found tucked inside her mum’s pouch, barely alive.

From the moment Tinsel arrived at the Australian Wildlife Health Centre, vets and keepers have been hand-raising her. She’s bottle-fed up to six times a day with a special wombat formula, and taken home by a vet-nurse each night where she sleeps in an artificial pouch. This care will continue around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the next 12 months.

Tinsel is just one of the 1,000+ animals that are brought to the Wildlife Centre each year. Many are victims of human activity, impacted by road trauma and habitat loss. Others are found dehydrated and exhausted from extreme weather conditions, or suffering the effects from ingesting plastic rubbish.

Most animals are successfully treated but many need months of rehabilitation before they can be released back into the wild. And it’s this ongoing care that can be extremely costly. This winter we need to raise $150,000 to sustain our wildlife hospital over the next three months, so animals like Tinsel get the medical attention they deserve.

Zoos Victoria is a not-for-profit conservation organisation and we rely heavily on the support of the Victorian public.

and help our Vet Team continue to treat our precious wildlife.