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Every day, 10.30am to 3.30pm
Free with general admission
Min. Age 
Suitable for all ages
Walk-through aviary

Get up close to Australia’s best-loved birds in this spectacular walk-through aviary. 

Visitors may become a perch for one of our magnificent birds, hand-feed our smaller parrots, and listen to talks from avian experts. 

You’ll meet an array of Australia’s iconic parrots, from the tiniest budgerigars to the largest cockatoos. We’re home to a cheeky trio of endangered Red-Tail Cockatoos (who love to meet our visitors), playful Eclectus Parrots (easily coaxed close by offerings of native seeds) and many more feathered friends – like the musk and scaly-breasted lorikeets, beautiful zebra finches and endangered Regent Parrots.

Find out who’s who in the parrot world, who’s endangered (and why), who’s a survivor – and why trees are so important.

Land of parrots has something for everyone, from serious twitchers to budding bird-lovers.