Healesville Sanctuary

Lunar's Secret Forest

Just for kids

Discover the magic of Lunar’s Secret Forest, an exciting interactive multi-media experience designed just for kids.

Children will venture into the world of Lunar the Leadbeater’s Possum – a world where day turns into night, tiny eyes twinkle and shadows dart from tree to tree. 

Lunar guides children to take up a torch and explore the Secret Forest via an interactive screen, discovering how many of these tiny, endangered Victorian possums are left in the forest.

Lunar's Secret Forest uses world-first technology and engages kids in a magical experience which is interactive, educational and fun.

The exhibit includes Leadbeater-themed activities, as well as a DVD presentation where visitors of all ages can hear about how the Sanctuary is helping the Leadbeater Possum through a new breeding program. 

Kids can also pledge to join the fight to stop wildlife extinction by writing their name on a magical leaf to hang on our "promise tree". 

Please note that capacity is limited and on high visitation days numbers will be managed by our staff.