Healesville Sanctuary

World of the Platypus

Healesville Sanctuary is acknowledged as a world leader in Platypus breeding, care and research. 

We were the first in the world to breed this unique Ausrtralian mammal in captivity. In the 1930s, the Sanctuary was the first organisation to successfully keep and display Platypus. In the 1940s, Corrie, the first platypus ever bred in captivity, was hatched and her birth made front-page news in London and New York.

That success was finally repeated 55 years later, in 1998, with the birth of twin Platypus, Barak and Yarra Yarra. This was followed with MacKenzie in 2000, Buran and Waddarang in 2008 and Ember in 2009.

Buran, Waddarang and Ember are second-generation Platypus.

The Sidney Myer World of the Platypus

The Sidney Myer World of the Platypus has been acclaimed as the world’s best – and most comprehensive – Platypus exhibit. 

You’ll enjoy an intimate encounter with the mysterious Platypus in its nocturnal creek habitat. Living ferns, mosses and lichens grow above waterfalls and rapids, and tangled tree roots shelter animals such as water-rats, native fish and eels.

You can also meet the keepers at 1pm every day, to get the inside story on caring for this wonderful animal – at the place that does it best.