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Lunar's vet check

Lunar the Leadbeater’s Possum’s first vet check

Lunar the female Leadbeater's Possum to begin Healesville Sanctuary's captive breeding program had her first ever vet check at Healesville Sanctuary today.

29 May 2012

Saving Millie the Sooty Owl

Millie the Sooty Owl is getting some advanced veterinary treatment from the team at the Australian Wildlife Health Centre at Healesville Sanctuary. She is only the second Sooty Owl's brought to the Australian Wildlife Health Centre in over a decade.

14 May 2012
Tinka's joey

Name our roo

Healesville Sanctuary keepers are seeing red after the first of three Red Kangaroo joeys popped her head out of mum's pouch yesterday, just in time for Mother's Day. And Sunday Herald Sun readers have a chance to name her!

4 May 2012
Helmet Honeyeater calling

Helmeted Honeyeaters' sweet release to save species

Fifteen critically endangered Helmeted Honeyeaters will be released into the wild today as efforts by the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) and Healesville Sanctuary continue to save the bird from extinction.

22 March 2012
Baby platypuses

Last chance to meet baby Platypus

Visitors have just one more week to lock in a play date at Healesville Sanctuary with two baby Platypuses who now have names, thanks to our visitors who submitted hundreds of entries!

17 March 2012
Puggle pair

Platypus twins! Puggle pair on parade

Healesville Sanctuary has celebrated another world first breeding success with the arrival of twin Platypus known as 'puggles'.

The twins, a boy and a girl, went on display today at Healesville Sanctuary, for a limited time only.

20 February 2012
Rescued Leadbeater Possum

Three Leadbeater's Possums from Lake Mountain brought into care

The last three known remaining Leadbeater's Possums from Lake Mountain have been rescued and safely delivered to Healesville Sanctuary following ongoing concern for their survival.

13 February 2012
Baby wombat

Celebrate all things Australian this Australia Day!

Where better to celebrate Australia Day than at Healesville Sanctuary?

We're inviting everyone to celebrate in true Aussie style this Australia Day.

24 January 2012
Brolga Room flowers

Aussie Christmas lunch in the bush

Enjoy your Christmas day festivities at Healesville Sanctuary, set in the serenity and beauty of the Australian bush, surrounded by the whistle and calls of our native birds and animals.

19 December 2011
Orphan Emily with teddy

Emily, Teddy and Amie makes three

Meet Little Emily, found on French Island a week ago, orphaned after Mum had a climbing accident. She was still clinging onto Mum and vets believe she could have been there for a few days. She was rescued by Parks Victoria staff and then transported to Healesville.

8 November 2011