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Baby wombat

Celebrate all things Australian this Australia Day!

Where better to celebrate Australia Day than at Healesville Sanctuary?

We're inviting everyone to celebrate in true Aussie style this Australia Day.

24 January 2012
Brolga Room flowers

Aussie Christmas lunch in the bush

Enjoy your Christmas day festivities at Healesville Sanctuary, set in the serenity and beauty of the Australian bush, surrounded by the whistle and calls of our native birds and animals.

19 December 2011
Orphan Emily with teddy

Emily, Teddy and Amie makes three

Meet Little Emily, found on French Island a week ago, orphaned after Mum had a climbing accident. She was still clinging onto Mum and vets believe she could have been there for a few days. She was rescued by Parks Victoria staff and then transported to Healesville.

8 November 2011
Little wombat Rupert

A little cuppa cuteness

Little wombat, Rupert, was no more than three months old and weighed just 260g when he was rescued from his dead mother's pouch after she'd been killed by a car near Yarck in country Victoria.

6 November 2011
Tasmanian Devil girls at play

Devil of a name!

Healesville Sanctuary's very first pair of handraised Tasmanian Devil joeys need names. The two little girls are just seven months old and are ready to meet visitors.

4 November 2011
Waffles the wallaby

Healesville Sanctuary's furry friends kick off Children's Week at Monash Children's Hospital

2011 Children's Week at Monash Children's will kick off with a special first time visit from baby animals from Healesville Sanctuary.

25 October 2011
Father Beau

Hybrid Mountain Pygmies hold hope of a bright future

He's tiny, but he's generating a lot of excitement. Beau is a first-time father in a breeding program designed to improve the survival chances of an endangered species.

17 October 2011
Minister adopts platypus

Minister adopts Platypus

Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith visited Healesville Sanctuary to adopt a Platypus and to congratulate the staff on its highly successful breeding program.

7 September 2011
Threatened species

Boosting numbers on Threatened Species Day

To coincide with Threatened Species Day, births of 20 Tasmanian Devil joeys, 17 Helmeted Honeyeaters, 23 Orange-bellied Parrots, 524 Spotted Tree Frogs, 44 Southern Corroboree Frogs, 119 Northern Corroboree Frogs and 38 Mountain Pygmy-possums are being celebrated at Healesville Sanctuary.

4 September 2011
Bags for Burrumys

Students recycle bags for Burramys

Nunawading Christian School recently visited Healesville Sanctuary and participated in our Bags for Burramys program.

10 August 2011