Healesville Sanctuary

Healesville Sanctuary Vet for a Day

Interested in becoming a vet?

Our Australian Wildlife Health Centre receives over 2,000 injured and orphaned wild animals each year. Come and work alongside our vets in a unique program on real life cases involving Healesville Sanctuary’s animal collection as well as injured wildlife brought to the hospital. These school holidays our theme is Corroboree giving you the chance to also learn about animals from a traditional perspective. Get up close to amazing animals such as Corroboree Frogs, Kangaroos, Dingoes and Sugar Gliders.

Vet for a Day allows participants to work in our vet hospital for the day, helping out our vets and learning about one of the most rewarding jobs!

You will go behind-the-scenes, taking part in many daily duties of a vet which could include:

  • Animal contact
  • Diagnosis
  • Suturing
  • Health checks
  • Rehabilitation
  • Post mortem