Healesville Sanctuary

Winter Wonderland

Be enchanted by our magical Winter Wonderland every winter weekend!

This winter, put on your warm winter woollies and gumboots, and visit the Sanctuary to experience faux snow fall. Keep an eye out for our ‘Puddle Zones’ and get ready to enjoy all the natural fun of winter in your gumboots. Then, meet our ‘Ice Queen’ as she helps you to discover how animals survive and keep warm in winter.

Make your own special “Snowflake Chatterbox” and find out which animal you are like in winter – are you an “insulator” braving the cold or a “hibernator” staying cosy indoors?

The Healesville team will be waiting for your visit to 'Cool Conservation' to  show you, up-close, the work that goes into keeping endangered alpine species like the Mountain Pygmy Possum and Northern Corroboree Frog safe.

We’ve also got plenty of places to keep you warm including cosy open fires. Hear classic Australian kids’ stories in Lunar's Secret Forest and see Murrundindi nearby in his possum skin cloak, waiting to share Dreaming stories and demonstrate traditional fire-stick, fire making.

Don’t forget … Kids are free every weekend, Victorian Government school holidays and public holidays!


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