Healesville Sanctuary

Puppy Playtime

For a limited-time only Healesville Sanctuary is offering an exclusive Puppy Playtime experience to visitors!

Puppy Playtime is just like bringing up the kids. This is a fun learning time for our two new dingo pups and the team at Healesville Sanctuary needs your assistance to help raise them into sociable, well behaved adults.

In this exclusive small group experience you have the chance to come face-to-face with these incredibly cute pups. Your personal puppy trainer, a dingo keeper, will show you how to interact with your new found playmates. You will learn how dingoes are different from your pet dog at home, why training is so important from a young age and the important role these dingo pups will play in the future – including being ambassadors for their wild cousins, the Alpine Dingo, now threatened in Victoria.   

Your Puppy Playtime experience supports Zoos Victoria’s fighting extinction mission.