Melbourne Zoo

Butterfly House

The Butterfly House offers one of the zoo’s most loved – and magical – experiences, inviting you to enter the world of Australia’s tropical and subtropical butterflies.

This magnificent tropical glasshouse, heated to 28 degrees all year round, is home to hundreds of spectacularly coloured native butterflies. As you enter, you’re instantly immersed, surrounded by these beautiful winged creatures and the lush vegetation that is their natural habitat.

The Butterfly House is both enchanting and educational, allowing you to connect with and learn about Australia’s beautiful butterflies. 

Beautiful and sustainable

The Butterfly House has just undergone a major restoration project that will significantly reduce its environmental impact.

The original glass roof has been replaced with a new double-glazed roof that will retain heat more effectively.

This will greatly reduce the volume of gas needed to heat the Butterfly House to the necessary 28 degrees Celsius.

More Australian insects

If you’re interested in insects, why not detour next door to the World of Bugs? 

There, you’ll meet a series of equally fascinating (if less glamorous) Australian insects, including stick insects and the Giant Burrowing Cockroach.

Invite butterflies to your home

Would you like to hang out with butterflies in your own garden? You can plant local plant species that provide food for butterflies, plus an ideal breeding environment.

See fact sheets, below, to learn how to make your garden butterfly-friendly.