Melbourne Zoo

Growing Wild

Imagine a place where you can patrol for danger alongside a Meerkat or crawl inside a Giant Tortoise shell to get a tortoise-eye view of the world!

And a place where only play, fun, excitement and imagination matter, and where animals are so close that you can see, hear, smell and even touch them!

Melbourne Zoo’s Growing Wild is an exciting interactive area designed especially for children aged 3 to 8 years. This world-class exhibit is filled with animals, sculptures, tunnels and sounds, so you can scramble, crawl and climb – or stand look-out like a meerkat.

Explore your way through three zones - ground, trees and water. Meet Meerkats, Giant Tortoises, Brush Turkeys, reptiles, insects and other animals that live on the ground.

Growing Wild is focussed on creating play opportunities and nurturing an early love of nature.

There’s loads of fun for the whole family and one visit just won’t be enough!