Melbourne Zoo

Become a Wild Child

Find your inner Wild Child in the new Keeper Kids outdoor play space!

Kids can dress up as a field researcher, climb aboard the research jeep, visit the field tent to collect their equipment and imagine finding endangered wildlife in the new addition to the popular Keeper Kids. Help spot Eastern Barred Bandicoots’ tracks, hear the sound of a Corroboree Frog and search for the Helmeted Honeyeater in the bird hide!

Keeper Kids is a fun role-play based experience that has been enthralling kids and their families for the past 4 years. This new addition takes the fun outside, giving your kids the change to ‘go wild.’

Kids can also learn about the range of duties that go along with working at the zoo. They can find out about the diets of different animals, prepare mock meals for various species and see what it’s like to be a zoo veterinarian.

Head next door when you’re done to visit a crowd favourite, the Meerkats! These curious little creatures will never disappoint as they forage for food and keep look-out from their viewpoints on the rocks.

General admission fees apply. *Children under 16 receive FREE entry on weekends, Victorian Public Holidays and Victorian Government School Holidays.


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