This elephant experience will be unavailable until September 18 2015.
We are offering a new, arty experience with elephants from July until September.

Melbourne Zoo is offering the opportunity to hang out with our herd of Asian Elephants. Enter the elephant paddock and help the keepers use food for a mammoth game of hide-and-seek. Visitors will be able to spend some time with the elephants’ keeper, grab front row seats and watch the herd romp in the paddock.

Meeting the elephants at Melbourne Zoo is an important way to contribute to fighting species extinction and to learn about the Zoo’s conservation programs.

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25 minutes
Adults $74.20, Children $60 including zoo entry; $50 excluding entry. Zoo members receive 10% discount
Minimum age 8 years. This experience is not suitable for mobility impaired visitors.
Group size 
10 people
Daily at 3pm; meet at 2.45pm.

Bookings can be made by calling 1300 966 784
Payment must be made at the time of booking
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Adopt Asian Elephant

Asian Elephants in the wild have been poached for their tusks and populations have dwindled. Melbourne Zoo has been successful in breeding four calves in recent years. You can help us fight extinction by adopting the Asian Elephant.

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