Melbourne Zoo

Gorilla Behind the Scenes

Head behind the scenes at Melbourne Zoo to meet our primate cousins. Did you know that gorillas share many features with us? They even giggle when amused!

In this exclusive experience our keepers will provide you with in depth knowledge about the complex social order of these incredible animals. You will have special access to enter the gorilla exhibit to take a close look at where they live, how they interact with their exhibit and help out with the fun job of helping our keeper disperse the food for the gorillas’ lunch.

On exiting the exhibit you will head to the roof of the gorilla exhibit to have the perfect VIP viewing platform to watch the Gorillas enter back to their home to forage for any treats that may have been left for them. If you’re lucky, you might even hear their ‘pleasure grumble’ as they chow down.

Gorillas are classed as critically endangered with numbers in the wild falling. Melbourne Zoo is one of 150 zoological institutions worldwide participating in a survival breeding program for Western Lowland Gorillas. A visit to Melbourne Zoo is an opportunity to save wild gorillas by participating in the They’re Calling on You mobile phone recycling campaign. Your behind the scenes encounter and participation in our They’re Calling on You campaign will help Zoos Victoria fight wildlife extinction.