7 June 2013

Healesville Sanctuary has adopted an orphan wombat baby named Bo, found in the pouch of his mother who had been hit by a car in nearby Yellingbo. The six month old baby was admitted with a few itchy spots which progressively got worse.

After examination by the expert veterinary team at Australian Wildlife Health Centre, they found Bo had ‘mange mites’ which commonly affects wombats in the wild. The mites burrow into the skin to lay eggs, causing irritation and itching. This leads to secondary infections and crusting over the eyes and ears which can be fatal.

Vet nurse, Tania has begun treatment with the baby wombat, “He is lucky he is being hand-raised so we are able to treat his condition,” she said.

“If Bo had not been admitted to the AWHC his long-term prognosis in the wild would not have been good.”

Vets are hopeful that Bo will make a full recovery and be released back into the wild when he is old enough.

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