4 September 2011

To coincide with Threatened Species Day, births of 20 Tasmanian Devil joeys, 17 Helmeted Honeyeaters, 23 Orange-bellied Parrots, 524 Spotted Tree Frogs, 44 Southern Corroboree Frogs, 119 Northern Corroboree Frogs and 38 Mountain Pygmy-possums are being celebrated at Healesville Sanctuary.

Three of the seven programs have reported their most successful breeding seasons.

"It is so important for us to be playing such an active role in fighting extinction and working hard to save some of the world's most endangered animals," Healesville Sanctuary's Director, Mr Glen Holland said. "For our Mountain Pygmy-possums, Spotted Tree Frogs and Southern Corroboree Frogs, this year has been our most successful ever."

Healesville Sanctuary's programs aim to restore threatened species to the wild through captive breeding and release coupled with habitat management and restoration.

National Threatened Species Day (Wednesday 7 September 2011) was first held in 1996 to commemorate the death of the last Tasmanian Tiger in captivity in 1936 in Hobart.

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