9 May 2013

Dr. Harry Cooper from Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens visited Healesville Sanctuary today where he delighted animals, visitors and staff.

Dr. Harry went for a wade with Yamacoona the Platypus and Keeper Jessica Thomas where he became the star of an improvised Tales from Platypus Creek.

“I have done so much in my time as a vet but today, swimming with Yamacoona, has been a first for me – I feel so humbled,” Dr. Harry said.

He then spent some time in our very own nursery at the Australian Wildlife Health Centre where he met six orphaned baby wombats running around. They were all given a good health check and then spent time chewing Dr. Harry’s shoelaces!

Dr. Harry then met some of the Sanctuary’s Fighting Extinction species. He held a Mountain Pygmy- possum, fed some gorgeous Helmeted Honeyeaters and came face to face with the Critically Endangered Orange-bellied Parrots, of which there are only 50 left in the wild.

“What an amazing place for wildlife,” Dr. Harry said. “The work that Healesville Sanctuary does with fighting the extinction of some of our most vulnerable species is what separates the Sanctuary from other zoos.”

The episode of Better Homes and Gardens is set to air later this year on Channel 7.

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