31 October 2013

Today is a very special day for one of our oldest Platypus at Healesville Sanctuary - Fleay turns 20 year old!

Fleay came into the collection as a baby in 1993 and has been the feature display in World of Platypus for the past 20 years.

It is thought that Platypus in the wild live to about 15 years but in captivity they can live into their early 20s.

She loves to sleep in and often growls at her keepers when they wake her up for a swim. Fleay’s favourite activity is playing in the waterfall which she can easily climb the vertical wall to the top and belly flop into the pond. She also loves stripping the bark off branches in her tank and her favourite food is dragonfly larvae.

Healesville Sanctuary is one of only two institutions to have recorded breeding success with Platypus. In 1943, the Sanctuary hatched the first Platypus ever bred in captivity (an event that made front page news in London and New York). Since 1943 Healesville Sanctuary has bred a total of 12 Platypus.

Despite being our ‘old lady’, she is still in perfect health. Happy birthday Fleay!

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