22 September 2012


The Zoo’s new Growing Wild area is now open! The new interactive exhibit has been officially opened this morning as a major milestone in the Zoo’s 150th birthday celebration calendar.

Designed for children aged from about age three to eight years of age, the new development is designed to nurture a love of nature and wildlife.

Special child-level viewing areas will bring them face-to-face with the inquisitive Meerkats, and children will be encouraged to ‘Make like a Meerkat’ by watching how these active and fascinating mammals behave and then mimicking those behaviours.

Other species on view will include Brush Turkeys and Aldabra Giant Tortoises.

An innovative learning space will be used for visiting student groups during term times and be available for visiting families on weekends and during school holidays.

Growing Wild is the companion exhibit to the recently-opened Keeper Kids experience next door, where children can discover what it’s like to be a Zoo worker: a Keeper, Vet, Researcher, or Horticulturist.  The chance to wear mini-uniforms and use a range of props gives the children a good idea of the work that needs to be done at the Zoo.

The launch of Growing Wild is a major milestone in the Zoo’s 150th year, celebrating its history as Australia’s first zoo and also its future as a zoo-based conservation organisation.

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