5 December 2012

Vets at Healesville Sanctuary are angered by the cruel attack on an Eastern Grey Kangaroo with a bow and arrow in Cardinia Reserve. The Kangaroo has taken a week to capture and the veterinary team performed emergency surgery this afternoon.

The arrow has pierced both sides of the Kangaroo’s neck and smashed a vertebrae.

“The area is badly affected,” Dr Franciscus Scheelings, Veterinarian at Australian Wildlife Health Centre, Healesville Sanctuary said.

“This little guy would not have survived in the wild much longer,” Dr Scheelings said.

Vets have passed the arrow onto carers from Wildlife Victoria for further investigation by police.

“The next 36 hours will be critical but I am cautiously optimistic that he will be okay - first we need to give him a few days to recover from surgery then see if his ability to move around has been compromised,” Dr Scheelings said.

“Animal cruelty is one of the most horrific crimes anyone can commit. I hope that police can identify the criminals responsible from the evidence we have gathered.”

Anyone seeking veterinary advice can call the Australian Wildlife Health Centre at Healesville Sanctuary on (03) 5957 2829 between 10am and 4pm or RACV Wildlife Connect on 13 11 11, a 24 hour service immediately connecting to one of three Victorian-based volunteer wildlife groups.

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