9 January 2013

Keep cool this summer and visit Werribee Open Range Zoo's Hippo Water Play area!

Situated in the Kubu River Hippos village, this water fountain play area is a great way to cool down on warmer days. Children are delighted by the water jets which are located amongst several hippo sculptures.

Only metres away, you can also watch the hippos at water play too! See Hippos Primrose, Lotus, Tulip, Brindabella and Harry in action as they swim, play and hang about in this award winning exhibit.

Visitors can also get up close and personal with the hippos each day during the 3.45pm Hippo Keeper Presentation.  

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The word ‘hippopotamus’ is Greek for ‘river horse’ and their closest relatives are whales and dolphins. You can help us fight extinction by adopting the hippopotamus.

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