Jaikyn's special birthday with Steve

5 December 2013

Jaikyn celebrated his eighth birthday with a very special magic moment with Healesville Sanctuary’s new Koala joey and his mum Prickles on Sunday.

Jaikyn and his family went behind the scenes with keepers to officially name the Koala joey Steve. Mum Francis said it was a wonderful experience that Jaikyn really loved. 'Steve is so cute. This opportunity really made his birthday even more enjoyable.'

Steve received 65 per cent of the total votes from a total of four names suggested by Healesville Sanctuary’s keepers. Visitors had the chance to enter the competition and win the special meeting with the new joey.

Jaikyn’s name was drawn at random and he decided to make it a double celebration by visiting Steve on his birthday.

Steve the Koala is out of mum’s pouch and backriding, sometimes venturing a branch or two away. He is very active and quite cheeky, according to the Koala keepers.

Koala keeper talks are at 1pm every day – and there is always something new to see in the Koala exhibit!