22 April 2010

Melbourne Zoo has a brand new learning space deep in the jungle.....

The 'Jungle Hut' has been designed as a Later years (Years 9 & 10) and VCE learning space. It is positioned just behind the Dian Fossey hut in the Gorilla Rainforest trail, and takes advantage of the magnificent view into the Gorilla enclosure. The building was designed to be as eco-friendly as possible by utilising double glazing, recycled materials (where possible) and an extremely high insulating factor.

Animals you can meet in the Jungle Hut are Fijian Crested Iguanas, Spotted Pythons, Ball Pythons, Pink-Tongues Lizards and Green Tree Frogs. Programs to be run here include all our VCE programs (Mere Monkeys, Reproduction, Hot, Wet and Wild, Primate Evolution) and Carnivore Evolution for Later Years students. The Hut will also be used for Corporate Programs and Student Conferences.


The Jungle Hut is a completely immersive experience that provides older students with an unparalleled and privileged experience at Melbourne Zoo.


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