1 June 2011

Seeing is believing, and a chance to see majestic elephants up close is an opportunity to understand just how massive they are.

The Zoo's new Elephant Meet and Greet sessions will make that possible for some lucky visitors.

The Meet and Greet sessions will also give visitors a chance to chat with the Elephant Keepers about the gentle giants.

Curator Jan Steele says that meeting new people in a friendly setting is interesting for the elephants.

The 10-minute Meet and Greet sessions will be a new part of the activity program the Keepers have developed for the elephants.

These sessions will not be held at a fixed time daily—they will happen at random times, depending on what else is happening that day at Trail of the Elephants.

The Curator explains that ‘There will be days when this doesn't happen, but people who are in Trail of the Elephants when the elephants come into the Meet and Greet area will have a wonderful surprise.

‘The number of elephants coming out for the Meet and Greet session will vary from day to day, anywhere from one to three females and calves would be likely.'

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