Melbourne Zoo is expecting a baby gorilla after 14 years

25 July 2014

Melbourne Zoo’s Primates team is expecting a baby gorilla for the first time in 14 years.

Otana was introduced to the gorilla group in September, having been selected as the new breeding male to replace longtime Zoo resident, Rigo, who died earlier last year.

Otana was expected to take on the role of the group leader and dominant male and has performed his duty beyond keeper’s expectations.

Melbourne Zoo plays an important role in the region’s successful gorilla breeding program and the broader international gorilla breeding program and this announcement will be another important contribution.

Melbourne Zoo’s Veterinarian, Kate Bodley confirmed, female gorilla Kimya was progressing well: ‘First time mother Kimya is only a month into her pregnancy, but so far is showing some very positive signs.

‘It is still early days in her pregnancy, so we are cautiously optimistic about  her progress and we will be providing provide the best of care to help her through this special time,’ Ms Bodley said.