Minister adopts Platypus

7 September 2011

Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith visited Healesville Sanctuary today to adopt a Platypus and to congratulate the staff on its highly successful breeding program.

"Threatened species occur throughout Victoria in a range of environments from the coast, on land, in rivers and wetlands, and in the sea," Mr Smith said. "While the Platypus has not hit the threatened species list yet, there has been widespread concern about their numbers," Mr Smith said.

"Healesville Sanctuary's programs aim to restore threatened species to the wild through captive breeding and release coupled with habitat management and restoration.

"Minister Smith adopted Ember the Platypus while at Healesville Sanctuary. Animal adoption helps to raise awareness of animal care and important threatened species conservation initiatives at Zoos Victoria.

The Animal Adoptions program has been in operation for the past 20 years and enables people to adopt one of 30 animal species for either an upfront donation of $75 per year or for a recurring payment of $10 per month. 

While at Healesville Sanctuary, Minister Smith toured the threatened species precinct and met keepers working with the programs.