6 March 2013

You're invited to help name Melbourne Zoo’s newest addition to our elephant family.

Asian Elephant Num-Oi gave birth to the male calf in January earlier this year. Since then there have been many suggestions for names from children and adults who have been captivated by the cute baby.

As the offspring of a Thai-born mother, the baby will be given a Thai name. Keepers have observed that the calf is independent, confident, boisterous and bold, and he loves running and being in the water, so the selected Thai names reflect his personality.

The possible names are:

  • Chaiya - the name of a famous elephant who won a war for Thailand’s King Naresuwan in the 16th century. Chai also means to bore a hole, and means elephant when ya is added;
  • Sanook - which means fun-loving and cheerful; and
  • Seri - which means independent.

To cast your vote, visit the Herald Sun website. Voting is open until midnight on Sunday 10 March.

Competition entrants will also go into the running to win some great prizes, including an overnight Roar ‘n’ Snore camp experience at Melbourne Zoo, a Behind the Scenes Seal Encounter at Melbourne Zoo and a Family Membership to Zoos Victoria for one year.

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