New at the Zoo

4 April 2013

Curious about Coatis?

The new Coati Close-up experience will provide plenty of opportunity to find out all about this amazing species from Carnivore Keepers like Kelly Rainbow.

For example, how is it that they can walk down treetrunks head first?

The five young male Coatis were all born at Melbourne Zoo as the result of a new breeding program.

This new experience is offered at 10:30am daily, and costs $20 ($18 for Zoo Members). Zoo entry is not included.

Only four people can participate in each session, and the minimum age is 12.

The new Coati Close-up is the fifth similar experience offered at Melbourne Zoo, along with Giant Tortoises, Giraffe, Meerkats, and Kangaroos.

Bookings for all five Close-ups can be made on (03) 9285 9406.