16 May 2014

Werribee Open Range Zoo welcomed the arrival of a female Przewalski’s horse foal in the early hours of Mother's Day!

The foal was born to proud mum Mahan and stallion Kolya.

Visitors attending the Zoo on Mother’s Day were among the first to see the foal as she took her first few steps.

Remarkably this is the second time that Mahan has given birth on Mother’s Day, with her last foal Nikolai born on Mother’s Day two years ago, in 2012.

Mother and foal are doing well and the little filly is already trying to copy mum and eat hay.

Werribee Open Range Zoo’s new foal is one of very few Przewalski’s horses left in the world.

In the 1960’s, the Przewalski’s horse was declared to be extinct in the wild of Mongolia, with the last populations surviving in zoos.

Over the last 50 years zoos around the world have worked together on an international breeding program to bring the species back from the brink and have been able to successfully reintroduce animals back to the wild.

There are now believed to be almost 2,000 Przewalski’s horses, with Werribee Open Range Zoo playing an important part in this breeding program.

The Przewalski’s horse is very important in Mongolian culture and the Zoo will be enlisting the help of the local Mongolian community to help name the new filly.

Mum and foal can be seen from the Zoo’s Safari Tours, which are included in general entry.

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